Let's Freaking Go

10th Anniversary

Honoring Milt Olin’s Legacy

Let’s Freaking Go!

A habit-tracking focus app that provides incentives for personal focus and safe, phone-free driving.

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How it works

It's Simple and Effective.

Raising awareness and changing habits are vital to long-term distraction-free driving. We are collaborating with creatives, influencers and road advocates everywhere to create programs to educate teens & adults alike, informing them of the dangers associated with distracted driving.

Users receive points for completing a successful focus-related activity.

These points apply towards rewards, including collectible NFTs from the Wrex collection.

As users continue to ditch their phone in favor of phone free driving or other focus activities, the rewards keep comin’, both on the app and in real life.

Milt Olin

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Crypto Wrex

Driving Safety Awareness Initiative

Wrex, the “Stop Distracted Driving” mascot, impacts thousands of people daily as a distracted dino who’s changed his ways, now committed to safer roads. He symbolizes change and is the figurehead of a movement against distracted driving. Wrex NFT art comes in many different collectible versions and is ever-expanding!